May 02, 2011

ANDONG (Traditional Horse-Drawn Carriage from JOGJA)

ANDONG is the designation for the carriage of Yogyakarta, is one of the traditional transportation in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. The existence of Andong as one of the cultural heritage of Java provides its own cultural characteristics which are now still continue to be preserved.

Although many vehicles faster and cheaper, but users Andong in Yogyakarta is still quite a lot. Andong-horse cart can be found easily along Malioboro street, Ngasem Bird market, as well as in Kotagede.

All Andong horses carriage in the city of Yogyakarta installed "pants". Pants serves as a receiver this dirt bag must be used to hold the dirt so as not spilled, polluting the environment and cause odor in the main streets of the city of Yogyakarta as well as around Malioboro.

Horse bag new design results are only suitable for use by the mare, because their droppings can directly go to the bag located in the back of a horse. For it is expected that the carriage owners use as a puller mares, especially mares prices far cheaper than the stallion. Currently in the city of Yogyakarta there are 322 Andong unit.

The existence of
this environmentally friendly transportation will be retained to support tourism. Yogyakarta is the only major city in Indonesia, which maintain Becak (rickshaw0 and Andong. Becak and Andong no longer be public transportation, but more specifically as a means of transportation tourism.

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