January 24, 2013

THE WINNER TAKE ITS ALL ( Closing Ceremony of All-Aceh Basket Ball Tournament 2013, Turnamen Bola Basket antar Club dan SMU Se-Aceh Piala Pangdam Iskandar Muda 2013, Blang Padang Basket Court Banda Aceh)

BANDA ACEH – Alumni-Methodist High School Basketball Club bringing Iskandar Muda Military Commander (Pangdam IM) Cup 2013. Their success after conquering Ozzora Banda Aceh, 37-32, in the final tournament men's basketball club category on the Blang Padang basketball court, Banda Aceh, (Tuesday,22-01-2013 afternoon). Championship with total prize of Rp 25 million was closed ceremony by bringing Iskandar Muda Military Commander (Pangdam IM), Maj. Gen. TNI Zahari Siregar.

For its success Alumni-Methodist High School eligible for coaching Rp 3 million plus trophies, gold medals and a cup of bringing Iskandar Muda Military Commander Cup 2013. Meanwhile, the second winner Ozzora coaching earn Rp 2 million plus trophies and medals. Arai A third winner earn Rp 1 million plus trophies and medals and championship trophies and IV Cooper getting medals. 

Then the winner of the women's club category won by Arai Banda Aceh, Banda Aceh champion Tigers II, III champion Ozzora Banda Aceh and Lhokseumawe Metro IV champion. SMU Men's Champion category achieved SMAN 3 Banda Aceh, champion II SMA Methodits Banda Aceh, Lhokseumawe SMA III champion, and a champion IV SMAN 2 Banda Aceh. Then the winner of a category dominated daughter's high school SMAN 1 Banda Aceh, the second winner SMKN 1 Banda Aceh, the third winner SMAN 8 Banda Aceh, MAN Model IV champion Banda Aceh.

The winner for these categories get Rp 3 million in prize money plus trophies and medals. Champion II get money coaching Rp 2 million plus trophies and medals. Furthermore III champions earn Rp 1 million trophies and medals. 

Then just get the IV championship trophies and medals. Maj. Gen. IM Zahari Siregar in a speech yesterday hoped that the achievements made in this tournament as a start for achievement in the larger championship. To the teams that have not gained the victory, should not despair. 

Images source: KOLPRI JOGJA ICON
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