May 27, 2011

Around the City using TRANS JOGJA (Photo-Pack)

Trans Jogja is a bus rapid transport system, cheap and Air-Conditioned around the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Trans Jogja is one part of the program implementation of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which proclaimed the Department of Transportation. This system began operation in early March 2008 by the Department of Transportation, the Provincial Government of DIY. Ministry's motto is "Safe, Comfortable, Reliable, Affordable, and Environmentally friendly."

Systems that use a bus (medium size) is implementing a closed system, meaning passengers can not enter the bus without passing through the checkpoint, as well as TransJakarta. In addition, the applicable payment system different: one-way ticket on a student subscription and tickets for public subscription. There are three kinds of tickets can be purchased by passengers, ie “one-way ticket” (single trip), and general tickets to subscribe. This ticket is different from usual because the bus ticket is a Smart Card. Tickets will be reviewed automatically by a machine that will open the door automatically. Passengers can change buses without having to pay additional fees, provided that is still in one destination.

Manager Trans Jogja is PT Tugu Jogja Trans, a consortium of four co-manager form of public transport in urban and rural Yogya (Koperasi Pemuda Sleman, Kopata, Aspada, and Puskopkar) and Perum DAMRI).

As a component of an integrated transportation system for the city of Yogyakarta and its supporting areas, this system connects six important point mode of transportation around the city:

-Railway Station Jogjakarta,
-Bus Station as a central nexus Giwangan bus lane provinces and also regional,
-Condong Catur Terminal Transport
-Jombor Regional Terminal in the north of the city,
-Adisucipto Airport, and
-Terminal Prambanan.

Except Station Giwangan and Yogyakarta, the points located in Sleman regency. There is also a bus stop near attractions and important public places, such as schools, universities, hospitals, banks, SAMSAT, and General Public Libraries.

Images Sources: JOGJA iCON Private Document 2011
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WONG JAWA said...

Nuwun sewu, saya sudah follow di urutan #160, ku tunggu re follownya.
Kedua, kami serahkan "Majapahit Award I" sebagai tanda persahabatan, silahkan ambil di Trims, ki sanak.

rumput dan ilalang said...

kapan2 nyobain trans Jogja

rahmat isnaini said...

Salam Sedulur Klaten, mlampah wonten tlatah ngayogjokarto nitih Bus TransJogja :D

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